Season Information

Please come prepared with An Umpire before the game.

TEAMS AND PLAYERS a) A team taking the court must have a minimum of five registered players. Any player who is registered in more than one Centre can only play at the same level or above with voted approval from the MBN Committee and having met required criteria. All teams must have a minimum of seven and up to a maximum 12 registered players on Senior League team registration forms. A maximum of 12 players may be registered.

ADDITIONAL (registered) players must be registered in a team playing at Mercury Bay Netball. The ADDITIONAL player must register at the ‘officials desk ’ before the game and before they take the court. Their name must be on the team card as an additional player before they take the court. Failure to comply with this ruling will result in the forfeiting of three (3) points earned for that game on that day. No ADDITIONAL players will be not permitted in the last 3 weeks of Competition Round for Senior Netball League and Junior Netball League.

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